Welcome to SeaBreeze Chinooks!

Thank you for your applications and support. As of July 20, 2014 all puppies have found homes.

Chinook Dog

We are a small Chinook family living just outside Bangor in Hermon, Me. Fortunate to be newly retired, we are enjoying spending time with our Chinook, Nicki.

This is our first litter of puppies, and we have been relying on the knowledge and experience of other breeders. Although spread out across the country, the Chinook community is a tremendously supportive group. Amanda Bays of 'Channahon Chinooks' and MaryKay Helbach of 'Tomorrow River' in Wisconsin, have been invaluable resources.

Chinnok Dog playing with string

Our Chinook, Nicki loves any activity that is outdoors, from helping with yardwork, walks in the woods, or biking. Nicki's puppies have been planned for, and their arrival anxiously anticipated. They will be raised in the livingroom of our home where they will be at the center of everything. They will be played with, socialized, and loved. We are looking for owners who share our love of the Chinook breed, and who will keep in touch with us through emails and photos as the puppies grow.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website!